When Was ClickFunnels Founded? The ACTUAL Story

Well if you’ve been in the internet marketing space for some time, you’ve probably heard of a sales funnel. Before ClickFunnels was around, you’d have to be technical and code a funnel through your website to make it look decent. This would take way too long, so that’s when ClickFunnels was born. But, when was ClickFunnels actually founded? Let’s go over that.

Russell Brunson was on a mission to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, or anybody with a message. He wanted to help them create high converting sales funnel to market themselves online…

An engaging and optimized sales funnel can be the most important marketing tool you have if done properly.

With that being said, creating a consistently high converting funnel isn’t an easy task.

But once you have one, you are set…

Ask any of the 2 Comma Club winners for yourself what one funnel can do for your life. Over 150 entrepreneurs qualified for the 2 Comma Club, which means they sold over $1,000,000 with a single funnel. Russell created the One Funnel Away Challenge (see my review about it) because he knows how powerful a sales funnel can be if done right.

Anyways, let’s jump into when ClickFunnels was founded, and how it was founded!

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When Was ClickFunnels Founded?

ClickFunnels was founded in 2014 by Todd Dickerson, and Russell Brunson.

Russell was the marketer, Todd was the coder and creator.

Truthfully, Russell Brunson is the face of ClickFunnels although both have been around since the start.

You might be asking yourself who is Russell Brunson? He’s the guy in the picture below, let’s jump into his story.

Russell Brunson

He’s the guy who has always been interested in marketing. Studying newspaper, magazines, TV ads, he’s the true salesmen. He infamously sold potato gun informational products online, and that’s how he kickstarted his entire career. Below he explains that story, and why he created his book Expert Secrets, which is free if you just pay the shipping.

How was ClickFunnels Founded?

ClickFunnels was founded in October 2014 when he was tired of piecing together funnels on his websites. After teaming with Todd Dickerson, they eventually created this great software (free trial link). Since they weren’t funded by venture capitalists or angel investors, it was a self-funded company.

You may ask how they grew…

Well, through Russell Brunson. His approach was through what he knew best, email marketing. After reaching out to a ton of people through email, they had over 10,000 active monthly members after the first year. You can learn more about ClickFunnels grew to over $500m in this article.

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Russell finally elimated the struggle all online marketers had when he created ClickFunnels back in October of 2014.

He’s been able to change many lives with ClickFunnels, through the great software, training, and affiliate program!

With over 100,000 active members actively using the software, they should be around for quite some time!

ClickFunnels addresses every problem businesses have: Not being able to generate leads, or convert them into sales. Why not do both? and fully automate the process.

Russell is a true marketer at his core, and it shows in how great this product really is. He believes in it, and wants others to believe in themselves. He’s giving them the tools they need to have success.

There’s a new funnel builder in town…

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