How to Get Patients using a Sales Funnels For Dentists

One of the best ways to consistently generate more leads and active patients to your dentist practice is to create a sales funnel. With a sales funnel, you have the ability to turn complete strangers into patients using a well-designed funnel. For anybody who may be unfamiliar with what a sales funnel is, it’s a technique used to automate the process of acquiring, and qualifying fresh leads. Instead of paying somebody to constantly call or speak in person, you can use this strategy to work towards a goal. Whether it’s new patients or to push x-ray visits, you can use a funnel to achieve this.

The reason I believe this is such a great opportunity for dentists is it has a duel role: It frees up your employees time, and works in the background to bring in results.

Here’s exactly how you can build you first sales funnel as a Dentist:

Define Your Sales Funnel Goal as a Dentist

Every dentist practice will have a different goal in mind with a sales funnel. Since the industry has a lot to offer from whitening, to invisalign, to x-rays, or you might just be looking for more clients. Whatever you are looking to do, a sales funnel can help you.

Once you identify your sales funnel goal, you can edit the template I’ll be providing within a few minutes to have it customized and personalized.

With ClickFunnels, you have the ability to create more than one funnel at once. In the beginning, it’s best to focus on one email sequence and funnel.

FREE Template: Dentist Funnel for ClickFunnels

Provide Value Up Front

A sales funnel must provide value up front to work. Whether it’s a free consultation, a guide to cleaner teeth, foods that are ruining your teeth without you know. Whatever it may be, you should work towards the pain points of your potential customers. Find the weakness, and provide a solution.

After you have them inside of your funnel, keep providing value and utilize one time offers and upsells after the fact.

When providing value up front, the potential customer who is inside of your dentist sales funnel will know, like, and trust you. Once you have all three of those factors nailed down, you are giving yourself a fair chance to get a new customer.

Dentist Marketing Funnel Strategies

Create an email sequence with one goal in mind: Build Relationships

An email sequence typically starts once a lead enters their email into your sales funnel. This is when most of your effort should be focused on building relationships with your potential Dental Practice Patients.

Set up an autoresponder sequence that allows you to provide value, so the customer benefits. If you don’t provide any value, why would they join your practice? Simple, they won’t. Unless they are desperate. If that’s the case, you probably don’t want them as a client anyway.

If you are looking to start out using ClickFunnels which is what I recommend, you can simply click the link below to import my funnel directly into your account. After it’s imported, editing the funnel is easy using the drag-and-drop technology ClickFunnels offers. This will give you a good funnel base that you can edit and change to your liking.

FREE Template: Dentist Funnel for ClickFunnels

Consistently Optimize Your Funnel

After you have a complete sales funnel, and autoresponder sequence, it’s time to optimize your sales funnel to keep getting new dentist patients!

When you are optimizing your sales funnel, it’s important to look at the metrics. As with any sales opportunity or job, analytics usually tell the whole story. You can see exactly where the issue is. Email not getting opened? Change up the copy. Links aren’t getting clicked? Try a different call to action. Generally speaking, optimizing is seeing where you are having issues, and upgrading them.

As more and more data comes in, this will become easier to do. With a small sample size, it isn’t necessarily a good idea.

Always optimize your funnel. If you can turn a funnel that converts at 10% to 15%, that’s 5 more customers out of 100 that bought.

Conclusion on Sales Funnels for Dentists

In conclusion, using a sales funnel as a dentist has massive benefits. With the free template provided, you have a massive opportunity in front of your eyes. You can start generating more leads as soon as today for your practice. In industries such as this, a sales funnel is the future of your business.

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