How Kevin David Became Rich Using ClickFunnels

So if you’re in the online business, odds are you’ve heard of Kevin David! If you haven’t, check out this picture of Kevin David with Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson. He’s the one in the khaki pants holding the big plaque. He’s become rich using ClickFunnels, which is a software created by the others in this photo.

Kevin David with ClickFunnels Cofounders
Kevin David (Holding Plaque) with ClickFunnels Co-Founders!

That plaque Kevin’s holding is the Two Comma Club award, which shows he’s had over $1,000,000 earned selling products on ClickFunnels! To learn more about the Two Comma Club, click here!

As you can see, he’s legit. He’s had success in various business models, but started out with Amazon FBA and teaching his methods to students! In just a couple of years, he’s earned over $10,000,000 online and has over 600,000 YouTube Subscribers!

Kevin David ClickFunnels Success

Kevin David became rich selling high-ticket courses on ClickFunnels. Since he started out with Amazon FBA, he has been able to generate consistent income online for years now. He started off with Amazon FBA, and he’s expanded into a ton of different online ventures. At this point, he has multiple courses he has created and is selling them through his massive YouTube Channel. His success is similar to Dan Henry’s with ClickFunnels.

One thing Kevin has said is DotCom Secrets was a purchase he wish he had made earlier in his development.

DotCom Secrets is the underground playbook to help you build your business online, coming from Russell Brunson himself. For credibility, Russell has created a multiple-hundred million dollar business, self-funded. Forbes has a cool article about it.

Check out the interview Kevin David did with Dave Woodward of ClickFunnels below!

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