Is ClickFunnels An Autoresponder?

If you’re wondering whether or not ClickFunnels is an autoresponder, let me clear it up for you…

The answer is yes, ClickFunnels does offer an autoresponder in their higher level plan only!

With that said, ClickFunnels is much more than just an autoresponder. It’s an extremely powerful funnel building software.

Let’s get into a more detailed response so you can fully understand what I mean.

What Is An Email Autoresponder?

An email autoresponder is a software built to send automatic messages out to customers who opt-in to your email list.

This is an easy way to automate the process of nurturing your leads by sending out emails after your visitor takes a specific action!

For example, during your first email you can send an automated welcome and thank you email to introduce yourself, set expectations, and maybe even deliver a free lead magnet to them.

Determining how long your autoresponder sequence should be depends on your niche, audience, approach, and the type of sequence you are using!

To wrap things up for this section, an email autoresponder is a way of automating the follow-up process of your marketing funnel so it works around the clock for you.

You may be wondering: Why do I need one?

Here’s the exact reasons you need to be using marketing automation.

Why Do You Need One For Your Business?

Here’s the hard truth: If you aren’t using marketing automation, you are leaving money on the table!

There are only 24 hours in the day and if you can automate a portion of your business using an autoresponder, you’ll have much more time to actually promote your funnel and online business.

Since following up at scale takes a lot of time and effort, you can easily set something up that works around the clock, even if you aren’t working!

That’s why I think autoresponders are essential to any business with a digital presence.

Also – you need to be nurturing the leads that come in! If you don’t do this frequently, they’ll go stale and eventually stop reading your emails altogether which isn’t good.

Having an autoresponder setup properly with automation and value emails will put you a step ahead of other internet marketers!

The bottom line is you absolutely need an autoresponder if you are planning on starting an online business of any capacity.

Is ClickFunnels An Autoresponder?

Like I said, ClickFunnels does offer an autoresponder software when you join their highest level plan – the Platinum plan!

This specific software they offer is called Follow-up Funnels which does exactly what you’d think: creates follow up automations for your marketing funnels!

Follow-Up Funnels is built in and helps ClickFunnels become a true all-in-one marketing solution, since you’ll only need their dashboard to create your funnels, automations, and newsletters!

It has a ton of features to optimize customer engagements and even has CRM capabilities.

Here’s a demo of their autoresponder if you wanted to use it:

PS – If you are using their standard plan, you’ll need to use an external autoresponder integration like GetResponse.

ClickFunnels vs Other Autoresponders

There are so many different autoresponders out there, so should you use ClickFunnels or an alternative?

Personally I’ve been using GetResponse for quite some time now after trying other popular softwares such as Aweber and MailingBoss!

As an affiliate marketer, this affiliate-friendly autoresponder is affordable and super powerful.

Since I don’t need the Platinum plan of ClickFunnels, this makes a lot more sense than paying an additional $200/m for just their autoresponder!

But if you already use that plan or are planning to, I’d definitely use the Follow-up funnels software that is available…

Anyways, I’d highly recommend starting your 30 day free trial of GetResponse to test it out yourself before making a final decision. It’s truly awesome.

I hope this post on whether or not ClickFunnels is an autoresponder was beneficial to you.

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