How to Setup a Split Test in ClickFunnels

Split Testing, or A/B Testing is used in marketing to compare two sets of webpages, app, or emails against each other to optimize your business as much as possible. Inside of this article, I’ll be going over what a split test is, should you use one, and how to setup a split test in ClickFunnels!

A split test can be used to test any of the following:

  • Ad Copy
  • Sales Letter Copy
  • Email Copy
  • Button Color
  • Call-To-Action Text
  • Different Images
  • Different Stories

Here’s an example to show you. Let’s say you are on a sales page, and the call-to-action to buy the product/service is “Start Here!” Instead of only using that, they can test a percentage of traffic using a call-to-action of “Instant Access!”

It’s basically a way of testing two similar versions of a marketing campaign, with the purpose to optimize each aspect as much as possible. Over a long period of time split testing, you will see drastic improvements in your sales funnels performance.

As a marketer, you may think you already perfected a webpage, email copy, or funnel. With a split test, you can either validate the funnel or find an improved version (more than likely, this will be the case). Even if it’s minor, if you convert 6% instead of 5%, that’s a 20% increase in your sales. Small changes, big effects at scale. Let’s go into whether or not you should setup a split test in your ClickFunnels sales funnel!

Should You Setup a Split Test?

Now that you know what a split test is, should you setup a split test for your sales funnel? The answer every time is yes. If you are okay with potentially converting less in the beginning, but more in the long term, then yes.

Of course, your initial sales funnel is what you think will convert the best. Without a split test (a/b test), you really won’t ever know if you are. If you are weary of starting, ClickFunnels gives you the option to split the traffic into whatever percentages you desire. If you want 80% to the funnel you started with an 20% to a new one, you can do that. ClickFunnels will do all of the analytics for you, so you just focus on design and copy. That’s why ClickFunnels is truly the one-stop marketing software solution. They make it easy to do everything as a solo marketer. You can start your free trial of ClickFunnels with that link to use the software for 14 days, risk-free. I’d recommend giving it a try if you haven’t started just yet, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Setting up a Split Test inside of ClickFunnels

With ClickFunnels being a funnel builder software based off analytics, Russell and his team made it quite easy to setup a split test inside of ClickFunnels! We just went over that, so let’s jump into actually setting up a split test.

To setup a split test inside of ClickFunnels, you’ll need a funnel. Don’t have one yet? Check out my ClickFunnels Template Library and you’ll be able to find some to use! Anyways, on to setting up the a/b test.

Once you have a funnel setup and opened in your ClickFunnels dashboard, you should be brought to a screen like this:

Setting up a split test

After you are there, click the “+ CREATE VARIATION” button, and you’ll be prompted with a popup. This will ask you about how you want to create a split test. Simply click the first option, to Duplicate The Page.

Once you duplicate the page, it will look something like this:

Split Test Variation ClickFunnels

As you can see, there is a bar to divide the traffic how you would like. You can set that up to what you desire. Simply edit the Variation page of the split test to change a few things as you wish. Once that is all done, click Start Split Test and it will start!

You will see analytics showing up as traffic comes in, to get a better idea of what converts best. That’s really all it takes to setup a ClickFunnels Split Test. You can continuously change up the split tests, do new ones, and keep testing!

The one who tests more, closes more.

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Final Thoughts

My final thoughts and conclusion on running a split test in ClickFunnels. In conclusion, I would say split tests are a good idea. In the long run, you should see much better results in your marketing campaign. With how easy Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team made it to start and get analytics on split tests in your funnels, it’s a simple but effective marketing strategy to improve bottom-line results.

If you are having trouble writing copy for your funnels, check out this free webinar that ClickFunnels provides called “Funnel Scripts.” Click the image below to learn more, since it is a completely free webinar! It’ll bring you directly to the sign up:

Funnel Scripts ClickFunnels

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