How to Create a ClickFunnels Exit Popup

Exit pop ups are messages displayed to your visitors when they attempt to leave the page. Instead of allowing them to bounce immediately, they’ll be prompted with a popup to hopefully catch their attention.

These popups are a powerful tool when generating leads, because it can turn visitors who were looking to leave into members of your email marketing campaign.

When done properly, this can increase your amount of leads by up to 5 times!

This article will go over exactly how you can create an exit popup to capture more leads with ClickFunnels!

What you need to start

First, you’ll need a ClickFunnels account. If you don’t have one just yet, you can sign up for a free trial here.

After that, you’ll just need a ClickFunnels page that you are looking to create a popup for!

Let’s go over how you can get started with these step by step instructions.

Instructions on Building a ClickFunnels Exit Popup

1. Open your ClickFunnels Dashboard and navigate to the funnel you want to create an exit popup for.

2. Select the page of your funnel and click Edit Page to open the editor.

Edit ClickFunnels Page

3. Once you have the page editor opened, select Pop Up near the top and click Show Pop Up.

Show Popup

4. Now that you have a generic exit pop up form showing, we will need to make some tweaks.

Popup Added

5. Click the + button on your popup window to add a new row. Then, simply choose how many columns you would like the exit popup to show.

Now, lets go over editing your exit popup form!

1. Click the Pop Up Button on the top of the screen, and select Edit Pop Up Settings. You’ll be shown a lot of options to customize the form now!

Edit Pop Up Settings

2. First, you’ll see a Top Margin slider near the top. This can be used to adjust the positioning of the popup form!

Exit Pop Up Menu

3. Next, you have the option to set a background image, or color.

If you want to set the background as an image, upload an image and enter that URL in the BG Image section.

If you want to set the background as a solid color, simply choose the color in the BG Color section. Make sure you have no URL for the image section!

4. To get the popup to show up, you will need to select Show When User Tries To Exit from the Trigger On Exit menu.

5. You can adjust the Moral Width to choose the size of your Popup!

6. The Padding settings can also be customized to get everything looking perfect.

Why You Should Implement an Exit Popup

An exit popup will enable you to keep your prospects attention and hopefully collect them as a lead when they are about to bounce from your website.

With a tool like this, you can display an irresistible offer or a call to action to have them sign up for your email list!

Properly executed popups can earn you extra leads or conversions just for setting up a simple form, it’s quite powerful!

When it comes to exit popups on ClickFunnels, there’s many different ways to use this to your advantage!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate an exit popup:

  • Prompt your visitors to subscribe to your email list
  • Present a freebie they can’t resist to collect their email address
  • Offer an irresistible down-sell, such as a discount or free shipping offer

As you can see, the opportunities are endless and I recommend you implementing this into your marketing campaigns.

The goal of your marketing campaign is to generate leads and customers, and that’s where a popup can really increase the ROI overall.

Since ClickFunnels makes creating an exit pop up form so simple, it’s something you should definitely use for your marketing funnels moving forward.

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