How to Build a Squeeze Page with ClickFunnels

A squeeze page is a landing page designed specifically to capture potential customers email addresses using an opt-in form.

With a software like ClickFunnels, it couldn’t be easier to get started.

Have you ever went to a page that looks like this?

Squeeze Page Example

Well, that’s an example of a squeeze page. All you have to do is insert your email and you’ll get a freebie!

Building an email list with a squeeze page will help you create an asset, where you can market to your audience over time. You can earn money by sending out simple emails to your list in the future!

A high-converting squeeze page can help you increase the ROI of your business!

Since the only purpose is to collect emails, it’s important to get it right.

How to Entice Visitors to Opt-In

Typically when a visitor arrives at a squeeze page, you want to offer them something in exchange for an email address.

Here are a few examples I’ve seen work great in the past:

  • Free ebooks
  • Free courses
  • Free templates
  • Free webinar training

Building interest and curiosity is what a squeeze page is all about! If you don’t, why would your potential customers enter their email address?

When starting out, I’d recommend creating an ebook or cheatsheet since those are simple to get started. Craft your offer and angle in a specific way, and see what happens! You can always adjust from there.

Creating a Squeeze Page in ClickFunnels

Now that we’ve went over different approaches to creating a squeeze page, let’s break down how you can actually build one for your own business using ClickFunnels.

If you haven’t signed up for ClickFunnels yet, here’s a 14-day free trial link to signup.

To start out, open up your ClickFunnels Dashboard and head over to the Funnels section.

ClickFunnels Dashboard

Once you are there, click the yellow Add New button.

Add New Funnel

After that, you’ll be prompted with this page – you have two options to go about building your squeeze page.

I recommend the Classic Funnel Builder myself since you have more options, so click Create New Funnel.

Classic Funnel builder

Once you do that, choose the goal of your squeeze page – which will be to collect emails.

collect emails

Next, name your funnel and create a group to keep everything organized.

Once you do that, choose Build Funnel and head on over to the next section to learn more about customizing your funnel!

build a squeeze page in clickfunnels

Choosing a Template

Now that you have the base of your funnel created, let’s go about choosing a template that fits your needs so you don’t waste any of your valuable time…

You should see a page that looks like this. In the search bar, type Squeeze and then press enter.

This will give you a list of every squeeze page template that ClickFunnels offers!

clickfunnels squeeze page templates

After you scroll and find a template that you like, hover over it and press the green Select Template button.

select template

Once you do, it will take a few moments to import the template to your dashboard. Press Edit Page and you can now edit the squeeze page.

edit page

Now, you are on the page editor. You can edit each element on the page, and customize it to your liking. I’d recommend adding a favicon to your sales funnel!

Changing the colors, fonts, backgrounds, or anything else you’d like is simple when using ClickFunnels!

At this point, you should customize the squeeze page to your liking.

customize squeeze page

Congratulations, you created your first squeeze page using ClickFunnels!

If your funnel is showing the ClickFunnels affiliate badge, you can remove it with this helpful article.

Now let’s go over something you must do – connect an autoresponder to the funnel so you can follow-up with anyone who opts in.

Personally, GetResponse is the email automation tool I use and recommend. They have a 30-day free trial so you can test it out before purchasing!

I have a guide on email integrations you can read to get this setup perfectly.

There’s a new funnel builder in town…

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