Funnel Builder Secrets Review

ClickFunnels is well-known for offering great deals on their core software and training.

One of my personal favorites was Funnel Hacks, which was a sweet offer.

When you purchased it, you would have access to their highest-level training, their highest-level plan, and a few other great bonuses inside.

Unfortunately, the Funnel Hacks offer is no longer available.

But, there is a new deal out there that you need to know about.

It’s called Funnel Builder Secrets.

This is one of the best offers they’ve ever had, if you are looking to invest in yourself and your business.

Funnel Builder Secrets comes in at a higher price point, but you get access to some really useful bonuses and training when you join!

You may be wondering whether or not it’s worth upgrading. This review is designed to help you decide if Funnel Builder Secrets is right for you.

Funnel Builder Secrets

And if you stick around to the end, I have a special bonus offer that I know you’ll love.

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What is Funnel Builder Secrets?

As previously mentioned, Funnel Builder Secrets (FBS) is the highest level offer currently available for ClickFunnels!

It gives you access to 6 or 12 months of the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan (Usually $297 per month), and access to the following:

  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • Funnel Scripts Membership
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus

As you can see, Russell Brunson and his team really went all out on this offer.

It’s the highest level offer available for a reason, and it’s meant to help you become successful online using sales funnels!

While it may seem like a big investment, they offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t fulfill your needs.

This gives you the ability to test out Funnel Builder Secrets and see if it’s right for you!

It’s safe to say the ClickFunnels team is confident in their offer.

Should You Upgrade To Funnel Builder Secrets?

Now you’re probably sitting there wondering if you should upgrade to Funnel Builder Secrets or not.

This section is designed specifically to help you decide whether or not you should upgrade…

Who Can Really Benefit From This Offer?

There are three types of people who can really use Funnel Builder Secrets to their advantage!

If you fall into any of these categories, then this offer has the potential to make a huge difference in your business.

Anybody Using Or Looking To Invest In The Platinum Plan

Upgrading to FBS is a no-brainer if you are using the Platinum Plan. Since you’ll receive a discount on the software overall, in addition to the high-level bonuses that are included!

ClickFunnels Affiliates

If you’re offering share funnels as an incentive to get more affiliate sign-ups, having unlimited funnels is a game-changer!

You can continuously add new funnels, without having to worry about running out of space. Being limited to just 20 funnels makes the entire process of becoming a super affiliate much more difficult.

Those Struggling To See Success With Sales Funnels

The masterclass and training inside will really help you grasp the concept and start to see progress much faster with marketing funnels as a whole.

Funnel Builder Secrets: An Inside Look

Platinum Plan Access

On their fifth year anniversary, ClickFunnels announced the rebranding of their highest level plan from the Etison Suite to Platinum.

If you aren’t familiar, this is the unlimited plan. This means you can have unlimited funnels, pages, visitors, and contacts in your account!

The primary difference from Etison Suite to Platinum is the release of FunnelFlix, which is an awesome way to continue learning as an internet marketer!

It’s just like Netflix, but targeted specifically for marketers looking to grow their business.

This will continuously be updated and it’s a great addition to the plan!

The Funnel Hacks Masterclass

Funnel Hacks is the masterclass on building sales funnels online. It has nearly 15 hours of training! Here’s what’s covered inside:

  • How to Build in ClickFunnels
  • Hacking My Funnels
  • Fast Product Development
  • Optin Funnels
  • Sales Funnels (Over an hour of content!)
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Automated Webinars (Over an hour of content!)
  • Membership Sites (Over an hour of content!)
  • Launch Funnels (Over an hour of content!)
Funnel Hacks Masterclass

The Funnel Hacks training will help you go from newbie funnel maker to an expert of funnels!

Funnel Builder Secrets Training

Funnel Builder Secrets is designed specifically to train you so you can build high converting marketing funnels!

Funnel Builder Secrets Inside Look

One of the best sections inside is “Hook, Story, and Offer!” (This is also taught inside of the One Funnel Away Challenge)

You’ll learn everything from why funnels work, to funnel hacking within this training!

After that, there are 10 modules on building your own Funnel which cover the following topics in-depth:

  • Module 1 – Funnel Overview
  • Module 2 – Creating Your Offer
  • Module 3 – Picking Your Funnel Strategy
  • Module 4 – Copywriting
  • Module 5 – Power Editor Basics
  • Module 6 – Funnel Design
  • Module 7 – Mobile Friendly Funnels
  • Module 8 – Integrations
  • Module 9 – Launching Your Funnel
  • Module 10 – Intro to Traffic Secrets

Once you are through those 10 sections, you’ll receive access to the Funnel Builder Secrets Deep Dive. This section goes over the following:

  • Science of Funnels
  • Art of Funnels
  • Traffic Secrets
  • How To Implement Follow Up Funnels
  • How to Grow Your List

These five modules provide endless value, going over things you need to know as a funnel builder!

Lastly, there are a few FBS Bonus Trainings as well — needless to say, there’s loads of actionable content inside.

Traffic Secrets

After you’ve built your first funnel, the next step is to drive traffic to it. That’s where Traffic Secrets comes in!

Originally created by John Reese, it’s now a part of Funnel Builder Secrets. John Reese was the first marketer to earn a million dollars per day!

This course is a must-have for marketers in today’s age.

Traffic Secrets Course

This course has 24 different modules, containing 289 total lessons!

It’s extremely in-depth, and a huge bonus for those looking to upgrade to Funnel Builder Secrets.

Funnel Scripts

The last bonus included with Funnel Builder Secrets isn’t a course or training, but an extremely useful Copywriting software created by Jim Edwards.

At the price point of $797 per year, this is a massive savings for those who upgrade to FBS.

If you aren’t familiar with Jim Edwards, he wrote a great book called Copywriting Secrets. This book single-handedly took me from newbie to a competent copywriter!

Jim knows what he’s talking about, and this powerful web-based software is simply great.

It will help you write copy for the following:

  • Headlines
  • Ads
  • Emails
  • Webinar Slides
  • Sales copy

And it will ask you the following questions to better understand your copy needs:

  • Who is your audience?
  • Primary topic
  • Your keywords

Once you enter all of the required information, you can click a button and bam, your copywriting is complete!

Funnel Scripts Script Writer

Everything Else You Need To Know About Funnel Builder Secrets

Isn’t Funnel Hacks a way better deal than Funnel Builder Secrets?

Yes, Funnel Hacks was an unbelievable offer when it was around.

For just $997, you received access to 6 months of the Etison Suite Plan (now Platinum Plan) and a few other great bonuses.

Funnel Hacks was removed in March of 2019 unfortunately. Now, Funnel Builder Secrets is the best deal on ClickFunnels you can access.

Is Upgrading To Funnel Builder Secrets Really Worth It?

It really depends on what your needs are, and how far you are on your journey with ClickFunnels.

In my opinion, the $1,997 offer we’ll go over isn’t the best deal out there. You do receive access to awesome training and tools that will benefit you, but you’ll be paying more for the Platinum Plan membership. This doesn’t make the offer irresistible in my eyes.

On the other hand, the $2,997 offer is much better. If you’re planning on using ClickFunnels Platinum for a full year, you’ll receive a healthy discount on the software, in addition to other bonuses that will help you out loads. For anybody fully invested in ClickFunnels for their business, it’s a great way to lock in a lower price point than by paying monthly.

Remember, you gain access to Actionetics and Backpack too with Funnel Builder Secrets. This enables you to use their own autoresponder, and build an affiliate program for your products.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to the training and other software that is offered, which is a great added bonus for committing to ClickFunnels long-term.

Will Funnel Builder Secrets Actually Help As An Affiliate?

ClickFunnels has an extremely lucrative affiliate program. If you’re looking to promote the software, one of the best methods I’ve used is by offering share funnels to potential customers.

Since the base ClickFunnels plan only enables you to have 20 funnels in your dashboard, that limits you as an affiliate.

Upgrading to Funnel Builder Secrets should help you get closer to winning that dream car as an affiliate.

Is There Any Other Way To Receive a Discount on ClickFunnels?

Currently, Funnel Builder Secrets is the only discount available on ClickFunnels.

This can be thought of as a pay-in-full discount offer, which certain people love to sign up for!

You can go to the upgrade form here if you want to see exactly what you’ll gain access to after upgrading to FBS today.

Funnel Builder Secrets Pricing

Funnel Builder Secrets has two pricing options available.

They are identical, aside from their price and how long you’ll get access to the Platinum Plan for!

This is the page you’ll be brought to when you click this link.

It breaks down everything you get inside of Funnel Builder Secrets, and both plans in full detail!

The lower priced option ($1,997) includes 6 months of the Platinum Plan, while the higher priced option ($2,997) includes 12 months of the Platinum Plan.

As you can tell, the second option is way better value for money.

The first offer ends up costing you $332 per month, which is more than the Platinum Plan on it’s own.

If you select the second option, it costs you under $250 per month. This is a pretty hefty discount on the Platinum Plan.

So for anybody looking to commit for a full year, it’s really a no-brainer to choose the second option.

And if you’re not sure yet, remember two things when deciding:

  • They offer a full 30 day money back guarantee
  • I’m offering you exclusive bonuses when you sign up with my referral link

This allows you to try out the training inside risk-free, and get access to some sweet bonuses to help you with ClickFunnels overall!

While it is a big investment, there’s really no risk since you can test out the offer for up to 30 days before making a final decision!

Final Thoughts

Now for my final thoughts on the Funnel Builder Secrets Offer…

This offer isn’t for everybody. If you’re content with the $97 per month plan, this upgrade really isn’t the best option!

But, if you’re looking to use ClickFunnels as a primary tool for your business, whether you’re an affiliate or selling other products, then Funnel Builder Secrets might be worth a further look.

Since you’ll be saving money up-front with the 1-year option and gaining access to useful courses, training and software, it’s a no-brainer for specific users.

Click the button below to upgrade and then check out the bonus below!

There’s a new funnel builder in town…

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