How to Add a Favicon into ClickFunnels

If you look at the top of your browser, you can see a little icon that is different for each website you open – that’s a Favicon. So, it’s a small detail but in this internet marketing world, you want every advantage you can get. While it’s just a small detail, the right favicon can make a huge difference. My website is all about Sales Funnels and ClickFunnels, so naturally my favicon is a funnel. Simple, yet effective.

Let’s say your visitor goes to a different tab, now the Favicon is the only way to identify your website. Or if somebody bookmarks your Clickfunnels page on mobile, then your favicon will be the icon it shows on their browser.

Anyways, let’s go over how you can add a Favicon to ClickFunnels.

How to Add a Favicon to ClickFunnels

To start off, you’ll need to login to ClickFunnels right here.

Once you are logged in, you’ll need to actually upload your favicon to the digital assets section on ClickFunnels.

First, open up your account settings inside of the ClickFunnels dashboard.

ClickFunnels Dashboard

Next, you’ll want to open up the digital assets section under Assets.

Digital Assets

After that, you’ll want to click New Asset near the top right of the page.

Favicon ClickFunnels

That will bring you to this page, where you can enter all of your favicon details.

New Digital Asset Favicon

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully uploaded the Favicon to your ClickFunnels account. Now, we just need to connect it to a sales funnel!

How to Add a Favicon To a Funnel

So your favicon is now a digital assets of yours according to ClickFunnels. Let’s connect it to a funnel.

Okay, so once you are inside of the digital assets section, you’ll see the Favicon file. Near the right, click the three dots and click “Copy Asset Path.” This will copy the link to your favicon image, which you’ll need shortly.

Clickfunnels Digital Assets

After you have it copied, open up the funnels section inside of the ClickFunnels dashboard. Open up the desired funnel, and you’ll see this page.

Settings section

Once you are inside of Settings, you’ll simply want to paste the URL/Link you copied into the Favicon URL section.

ClickFunnels Favicon URL

Well done. Now just give ClickFunnels a few minutes to get this setup, and you’ll be good to go!

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