Expert Secrets Book Review

Are you thinking of purchasing the Expert Secrets book written by Russell Brunson?

If you are, this review will help you determine whether or not it’s worth buying!

And if you stick around, I’ll even show you how to redeem your free copy of the book…

Anyways, Expert Secrets is “The Underground Playbook for Creating A Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice.”

This book breaks down exactly how you can monetize your specialized knowledge. You’ll be learning from the Russell Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels, who is one of the internets best marketers!

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The Foreword

If you’ve heard of the ever-popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad, you know who Robert Kiyosaki is! If you don’t, his net worth is around $80,000,000 and an extremely successful Entrepreneur!

This is what Robert Kiyosaki had to say about Expert Secrets:

“Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich”

– Robert Kiyosaki

Since he wrote the foreword of the book, he’s somebody who truly believes in the valuable information that’s covered inside.

Now that we’ve spoken about the foreword, let’s discuss what Expert Secrets actually is!

What is Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets is the process of going from learning to teaching. Eventually, your learning will be stopped until you begin sharing what you know.

This is the complete blueprint to do that, but let me give you a preview of what’s inside!

The Two Types of Expert Businesses

  1. Selling Information Products
  2. Using Information Products to Scale Your Existing Business

Whatever you believe that you’re an expert in, learn it from top to bottom. Have it be something you enjoy, and can spend hours talking about!

Without passion for the topic, you won’t be motivated to work on it.

Creating Your Mass Movement

Do you have what it takes to build a strong following? There are three key traits that stayed consistent throughout the biggest cults in history!

  • They all had a charismatic or appealing leader.
  • They all focused on a future-based cause that was bigger than themselves.
  • They all offered their audiences a new opportunity.

The Charismatic Leader

As previously stated, a cult needs a charismatic leader. You should be serving the people who are just like you, prior to becoming an expert.

To understand if your market is sustainable, there are a few key questions you must ask yourself…

  1. Would the target market be interested in what I’m serving?
  2. Are the people within this market extremely passionate?
  3. Are they willing to spend money and time learning the information?

Work to find a “blue ocean” and avoid the “red waters” that’s common in popular niches.

Three Core Niches

Within those three core markets, are subniches.

Here are a few examples to help you better understand finding a blue ocean:

Wealth > Investing > Index Fund Investing > Using Index Funds to build a strong 401(k) portfolio

Health > Dieting > Ketogenic Diet > Keto Diet for working mothers

Relationships > Dating > Dating for men over 50 > Dating for men over 50 who recently got out of a divorce

Obviously there are ton’s of other niche’s out there. But that should give you a better idea on how to “niche down” and get a highly targeted audience…

The Cause

Another element in creating a mass movement is the cause. This is a future-based goal for the community, and themselves. Consider these when choosing the cause:

  • Where can they place their hope?
  • Help them achieve their goals
  • Let the target audience self-identify
  • Create your own Title of Liberty

The New Opportunity

This element for creating a mass movement is something that drives change in their life. Russell says this is the most important, but least understood element of creating your mass movement.

People look for new opportunities because…

  • They want to discover something new
  • No pain of disconnection
  • Replaced dreams

Here’s how you can achieve the opportunity switch:

  1. Get results by working for free
  2. Design the new opportunity
  3. Provide what they are looking for

Who is Expert Secrets For?

Expert Secrets is a great book worth reading, but who’s it really for?

  • Those who use ClickFunnels for their business.
  • Those who want to build a large following of loyal followers.
  • Those who want to scale their business and grow their revenue.
  • Those who are looking to improve their mindset and become a better businessman.
  • Those who want to become successful entrepreneurs but need direction.

If you fall into any of these categories, this should be a no-brainer for you!

Final Thoughts: Should You Claim Your Free Copy?

While I can continue to tell you how great this book is, you won’t get the full experience unless you get your free copy of the book.

This is a free plus shipping offer, but it’s way cheaper than the price of purchasing it retail.

Russell has done everything from selling guides on how to make potato guns, to actually running businesses.

Not everything he does focuses solely on make money, but making a profound impact on people’s lives. That’s what Expert Secrets is all about.

I’m sure you will find this book inspiring and valuable as you start your own business venture. Since you only have to pay the small shipping fees, getting this book really is a no-brainer in my eyes.

I’ve gained invaluable knowledge myself from it, and I think you should as well. You’ll thank me later…

Expert Secrets Free Book

Not Interested in Expert Secrets?

If Expert Secrets isn’t for you, I highly recommend checking out Russell’s first book, DotCom Secrets. With over 200,000 copies sold, it’s another genius book that he’s written. Want more information on this masterpiece of a book? Check out my DotCom Secrets Book Review here.

You can get this book for free as well, as long as you pay the small shipping and handling fees!

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