How to Duplicate a Funnel in ClickFunnels

If you are looking to learn exactly how you can duplicate a funnel in ClickFunnels, you couldn’t have found a better resource.

Actually, there are a few different ways to clone your funnel elements.

You have the option to duplicate a page element, a page, or an entire funnel.

So, let’s go over exactly how you can do each of these!

How to Duplicate a Page Element

If you are looking to clone a page element, you’ll need to go to the ClickFunnels visual page editor. To clone any elements, sections, rows, or columns, you simply can click the clone button near the top right of the element you are looking to duplicate.

Duplicating a Page Element

How to Duplicate an Individual Page

You may want to clone just one individual page within a funnel. To do this, you’ll want to select the funnel you wish to edit. After that, click the Clone Funnel Step near the bottom right of the screen. This will duplicate the funnel step for you.

Duplicate an Individual Page on ClickFunnels

How to Duplicate an Entire Funnel

Finally, duplicating an entire sales funnel. To duplicate a funnel in ClickFunnels, you’ll need to open the funnel you want to clone. Once you are in the funnel, click the Settings tab near the top. After that, you can click the Clone Funnel button and that will duplicate the entire funnel for you. Unfortunately, deleting a funnel isn’t as simple, so I created a guide on Archiving Funnels in ClickFunnels here.

How to duplicate an entire funnel

Hopefully this guide helped you duplicate your funnels or pages inside of ClickFunnels! It’s quite simple, but seeing it may help you learn how to do it.

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