The Dan Henry ClickFunnels Success Story Explained!

Have you ever wondered how somebody such as Dan Henry was able to create success online with ClickFunnels? Well, it’s actually quite simple how he did it. Before we go into too much detail about Dan Henry, let’s see hear what he has to say…

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How Dan Henry Made over $1,000,000 with ClickFunnels

So Dan Henry went from broke pizza boy to a millionaire in under 2 years. Let’s explain how this happened, because it wasn’t by mistake…

Dan Henry got his hands on a book that has changed many lives, called DotCom Secrets.

After reading that book and running Facebook Ads for local companies, he had his “Aha Moment.” Since he was so experienced with Facebook Ads, he decided to sell a digital course on ClickFunnels about creating a successful Facebook Ad Agency. Rightfully so, he used Facebook Ads to acquire the leads.

But how? Well, he created a simple autowebinar sales funnel using ClickFunnels where he recorded a training once, and kept it on loop for his advertisements on Facebook.

After other’s had success with his course, the sales came trickling in more and more… Eventually, Dan Henry received access to the Two Comma Club. He earned over $1,000,000 with that one single funnel. Pretty unbelievable how ClickFunnels can help create a success story like Dan’s.

Simply put, you’ll never have success without action. Dan Henry was able to change his entire life in just a couple of months using ClickFunnels and Facebook Ads, so who’s to say you can’t.

Dan Henry’s Digital Millionaire Secrets Book

In early 2020, Dan Henry is going to be selling his new book which is called Digital Millionaire Secrets.

Selling over $10,000,000 of digital products is no joke, and that’s only one of the achievements Dan has had in his lifetime!

He’s sharing everything he’s learned in the process of building an 8-figure online business, which should be quite interesting.

Dan Henry Digital Millionaire Secrets

I can’t wait until my copy of the book comes in so I dive right in.

Digital Millionaire Secrets is available for pre-order now, click below to grab your copy!

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