Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards: ClickFunnels Book Review

Jim Edwards and ClickFunnels joined forces to create an extremely powerful book to help you with Copywriting. It’s called Copywriting Secrets, and you can get it for free – we’ll get into that a little bit later!

Copywriting is a skill that every entrepreneur needs, but a lot don’t have. It’s the simplest way to use the power of words to get more clicks, sales, profits… no matter what you are selling online!

Now that we’ve went over what copywriting is, and why it’s useful – let’s break down whether or not you should purchase Copywriting Secrets today…

Who is Jim Edwards?

First off before going into Copywriting Secrets, we have to go over the author of this amazing book, Jim Edwards. I’m sure you are interested in hearing his story, and what success he has had online….

Jim Edwards is the author of Copywriting Secrets, which is the ClickFunnels product we are reviewing today! Additionally, he created Funnel Scripts, which is a software used by many ClickFunnels users to help create good copy. He also has a website, that you can check out.

Now that you know who he is, let’s learn more about what he does, and why you should trust him to learn Copywriting!

About two years ago, in 2017, Dave Woodward from ClickFunnels interview Jim Edwards which you can watch right here actually:

With over 20 years of experience, he created a software called Funnel Scripts. Funnel Scripts has been out over 2 years now, and is a great tool for anybody struggling with Copywriting in general. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and it will generate GREAT COPY for you to use, and it tailors for each specific platform. This is a time saver to say the least. I can explain more about it, but I’d recommend watching Jim’s webinar through this link where he goes over Funnel Scripts:

What is Copywriting Secrets and How Can I Get My Copy?

Anyways, enough about Funnel Scripts and Jim. Let’s jump into what Copywriting Secrets, and how you can get it!

Copywriting Secrets is a 31 Chapter Book, going over everything you must know about copywriting. Breaking up all of the material into 31 easily digestible chapters is a great idea, since copywriting is a skill that’s hard to perfect. Even after reading this book, you can keep it around to refresh your memory when you need a good email subject line, sales letter, or even a good call to action.

Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards

This book will be your guide to getting more leads and sales. Remember, copywriting is a sales mulitiplier not creator. This means whatever you are earning now, will be multiplied with better copy. To get this book for free, you’ll just have to pay the small shipping and handling book. You can receive your free book here. For under $10, I have a hard time seeing you not get an ROI gain from this purchase. I can’t guarantee anything, but it’s really a no brainer for anybody looking to seriously improve their online business!

Is ClickFunnels Copywriting Secrets Worth It?

I’m currently reading Copywriting Secrets when writing this, but it’s a no brainer so far. For only paying shipping costs, I can’t believe how much value I’ve received from this book already.

This isn’t the first copywriting book I’ve read, and I can’t say it’s far better than the other ones I’ve read. But what I can say is, every copywriting book you read helps you get better at the art. It refreshes your memory, gives you new ideas, and is overall a great idea for all entrepreneurs…

In my opinion and experience, yes, Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards is worth it. I love how well the book is laid out. Whether you are a beginner or experienced copywriter, you will get value from this one…


Now that we’ve went over who Jim Edwards is, what the book is about, and if it’s worth it, I wanted to give some final thoughts about the Copywriting Secrets Book through ClickFunnels.

In conclusion, I like the book a lot. For most marketers, you will find a lot of value in this book. The fact that you can get it for free makes it a no brainer for me!

There was a lot in this book that was great. Everything content wise, to how perfectly it was laid out. Remember, you can get it right here and you’ll just have to pay shipping.

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