ClickFunnels Success Stories

ClickFunnels has changed the lives of many, and there are a lot of success stories out there. While these people have put in an extraordinary amount of work, it shows you that it is possible.

In fact, you’ll be understanding the stories of highly successful ClickFunnels members. Today, I’ll be going over three that stood out to me!

Later in this post, you’ll see a few resources linked if you are itching to learn more! And if you haven’t signed up, check out my bonus offer at the end of the page. When you sign up with me, I’ll be giving you loads of resources to help start you out with ClickFunnels!

Kaelin Poulin

Kaelin Poulin is one of the most popular success stories that exists, since she started from nothing and only had access to the Funnel Builder Secrets training!

After failing to start a fitness business using other platforms online, she eventually found ClickFunnels. That’s when everything changed – she started with creating fitness courses and eventually moved on to other fitness businesses! In fact, she’s won multiple 2 Comma Club awards (6 to be exact!) and has brought in more than $10,000,000 using the software.

Kaelin Poulin
Kaelin Poulin is second from the left!

She’s been so successful, that she even partnered with Russell to share her story, give helpful tips, and much more. Kaelin started an online empire, and she’s a great person to learn from!

Check out the free webinar below where she goes through everything in detail!

Kevin David

Kevin David is a popular Internet Entrepreneur, who was able to see success online using many different business models. He started out with Amazon FBA, but then moved on to course selling, Shopify e-commerce, and many more businesses.

But where Kevin saw the most success was in his courses. Using ClickFunnels to sell these courses, he was able to sell a lot of courses. He joined the 2 Comma Club twice – One for selling an Amazon FBA Course, and another for selling a Shopify Coaching course.

Kevin David
Kevin David is in the center!

Needless to say, he’s had a lot of success online, and using ClickFunnels. You can learn more about Kevin’s story here!

Spencer Mecham

Last but not least is Spencer Mecham. He’s the #1 ClickFunnels Affiliate, earning over $1,000,000 from the program! And, he’ll continue to earn even if he does nothing because of the recurring commissions from people he has already referred!

This brief video below will help you get a better understanding of who Spencer is, and how this all happened!

His course, Affiliate Secrets 2.0, has helped create other ClickFunnels dream car winners! It’s definitely one to check out if you are looking to become an affiliate marketer online (in any niche)

Additionally, he has a section inside of the Free ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp to teach you, and he’s also highlighted in the One Funnel Away Challenge. I’ve learned a lot from Spencer myself…

Looking for more inspiration?

ClickFunnels has two great programs that they use to award people who have had massive success with the platform: the 2 Comma Club, and the Dream Car Contest.

The 2 Comma Club award is given to anybody who earns over $1,000,000 using a single sales funnel. At this point, there are over 150 members who have achieved this!

The Dream Car Award is an award given to any ClickFunnels affiliate who has signed up over 100 active members to the software. There are over 70 people who have done it already, and it’s a great way to earn a recurring income stream. ClickFunnels has an extremely lucrative affiliate program, you can learn more about it here.

Another great story is how Dan Henry went from broke pizza delivery boy to a millionaire in under 2 years! If you need inspiration, check that article out!

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