ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook Review

The ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook is a great way to improve your sales funnels and understand them more. By listening to the man who created ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, you’ll get a deep dive into why funnels work, and how to optimize your own ClickFunnels funnel.

The ClickFunnels Cookbook

Overview of the ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

Name: The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

Author: Russell Brunson

Pricing: $0.00 + Shipping (or Free PDF)


What is the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook ?

The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook created by Russell Brunson is a book created to help you design an optimized sales funnel, or reverse engineer you competition to see the same types of success.

Russell gives you everything he knows in the Funnel Hacker’s cookbook. He gives you already optimized sales funnels, techniques, and much more. Since it’s free via PDF or Book (just pay shipping), it’s really a must get. Let’s go over what you receive in the cookbook.

What you’ll receive in the ClickFunnels Cookbook

#1: The Elements (Ingredients)!

Funnel Hacker's Cookbook Elements

In every cookbook, there’s ingredients you need to complete the recipe. That doesn’t change in the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook. The Elements are the basic structure of your funnel. These elements include videos, images, countdown clocks, images, etc. There are over 50 different types of elements covered in the ClickFunnels Cookbook!

#2: The Page Recipes!

Funnel Hacker's Cookbook Page Recipes

Next, you’ll learn that the elements need a place to go. This place is a page, where the elements go together into a specific order to try and get people to take a specific action. You are trying to “funnel” the leads through the page.

Here are the 37 types of pages you’ll be learning about, categorized:

  • Presell Pages: Survey Page, Article Page, Presell Page, Clickpop Page
  • Opt-in Pages: Squeeze Page, Reverse Squeeze Page, Lead Magnet, Coupon
  • Thank You Pages: Thank You Page, Offer Wall, Bridge Page, Share Page
  • Sales Pages: Video Sales Page, Sales Letter Page, Product Launch Page
  • OTO Pages: Upsell Page, Downsell Page
  • Order Forms: Two Step Order Page, Traditional Order Page, Video Sales Letter Order Page, Sales Letter Order Page, Product Launch Order Page
  • Webinar Pages: Webinar Registration Page, Webinar Confirmation Page, Webinar Broadcast Room, Webinar Replay Room
  • Membership Pages: Access Page, Member’s Area
  • Affiliate Pages: Access Page, Affiliate Area
  • Other Pages: Application Page, Ask Page, Store Front, Home Page, Hero Page, Hangout Page, Live Demo Page

As you can see, there’s a ton of different pages you’ll be learning about. This is the type of foundation you’ll need to have success online with a sales funnel.

#3: The Sales Funnels!

Funnel Hacker's Cookbook Sales Funnels

Now you should have an understanding of the elements, and the page recipes. Here’s where you put everything together, the sales funnels. You’ll be given 22 types of sales funnels which cover just about every business out there. These include the following:

  • Lead Funnels: The lead funnels were created specifically for generating leads, and contact information for your future customers. This is how you can start building up an email list.
  • Buyer Funnels: The buyer funnels are structured in a way to actually buy within your sales funnel. They have pre-integrated shopping carts, up-sells, down-sells, cross-sells, one-time-offer’s and much more inside.
  • Event Funnels: These sales funnels are for hosting events such as real webinars, automated webinars, or any other type of release on a specific date and time.
  • Other Funnels: There are a few other funnels that are useful, but don’t fit directly into any of the sections above.

So these four types of sales funnels inside of the ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker Cookbook should cover you in most scenarios. If not, you can check out the resource I’ve put together: The Share Funnel Library. These Funnels can help you out since they’ll import directly into your ClickFunnels dashboard. Don’t have a ClickFunnels account? Click the link and sign up for your 14 day free trial!

ClickFunnels Cookbook Pricing

Like I previously stated, the ClickFunnels Cookbook by Russell Brunson is actually free. Adding a bonus stack, or value up-front, is something Russell has preached through his books and courses. This is what he’s doing. He’s hoping that you’ll give his company a shot, he provides a ton of value in the book, and then hopes you’ll buy a ClickFunnels membership or other products.

It’s pure genius, which is why I learn from him. He’s literally the best in the business, and he’s giving you free insight into his mind. By clicking below, you can get your free copy via mail or ebook. Enjoy!

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Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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