ClickFunnels for Financial Advisors: How to Generate More Leads

Every business needs a strategy to generate more leads, and market their products or services! For Financial Advisors looking to expand their book of business, using a software such as ClickFunnels can really be a game changer.

The reason ClickFunnels for Financial Advisors is so effective is due to the following: you can guide your potential clients through an automated email sequence to help shape their buying decision. This is the journey from converting prospects into clients, and a sales funnel helps pave the way.

Why use a Sales Funnel as a Financial Advisor?

A sales funnel allows you to precisely decide what the prospect will see. You should think of a sales funnel as a real funnel. You’re using the Sales Funnel to qualify leads, and filter out anybody who isn’t interest.

This can save you so much time as a busy Financial Advisor, and increase efficiency. Optimizing your funnel gives you the best opportunity to generate new leads for your business!

ClickFunnels for Financial Advisors Lead Generation

A sales funnel can be used in all industries, especially for businesses that rely on long-term clients. A financial advisor is a professional who is looking to sell their services based on the clients needs. They generally provide clients with products, services, recommendations, insurance, and much more.

The financial advisers job is to help you out, and create a financial plan for clients. With a properly implemented sales funnel, you can put yourself in a position to better help your current customers, and start getting more customers!

Free ClickFunnels Template for Financial Advisors

ClickFunnels is my recommended software for creating sales funnels. Some main benefits it has over similar software is the ease of integrating an email autoresponder, it’s drag-and-drop technology, and the great customer service.

It’s truly the most reliable sales funnel builder out there. Luckily for you, I have a template readily available that you can use as a Financial Advisor.

So, here’s good news for anybody who is weary about this. You can test out ClickFunnels absolutely free because of the trial they offer. You can really get a hands-on experience with the software and see how it works for you!

The button below will import my free template directly into your ClickFunnels dashboard. From there, you will simply need to update the pages with your information, credentials, services, and anything else. That should take only a few minutes since we have 90% of the work done for you!

Additionally, I have a ton of other free templates you can import directly into your ClickFunnels dashboard within seconds. Check out my template directory right here for all of the templates I have. This will be consistently updated and improved as time goes on.

If you know of any real estate agents looking to generate leads using ClickFunnels, this guide will be super beneficial to share with them!

There’s a new funnel builder in town…

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