Using ClickFunnels for Clients

So, you are interested in using ClickFunnels for Clients…

In this post, I’ll be going over everything you need to know about using ClickFunnels for your clients!

Whether you are trying to sell something, or generate leads online, there’s a good chance ClickFunnels is the software you need.

Becoming profitable online is not easy whatsoever, so any advantage you can get is useful.

In comes a sales funnel, which can increase the value to every customer you market to…

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How Can You Use ClickFunnels for Clients?

You can use ClickFunnels for your clients in a number of ways. Whether you want to control everything for them, or just setup a funnel for them that they can use. If you are running an agency, you’ll probably want to control everything on your dashboard.

For the Clients you’ll be looking to work with, they should have a product or service you can generate leads for online. Whether it’s a Financial Advisor, Lawyer, or Insurance Agent – they need leads for their business to operate. If you can help them receive targeted leads, they’ll have a spot for you.

Additionally, you can create a service where you sell the actual funnel, instead of running Ads. So let’s say Company XYZ has somebody doing their social media marketing. To expand, that said person can start doing email marketing with a sales funnel. Instead of them learning the software and optimizing it, they can outsource that project to you. Therefore, you’re creating a funnel that the company will be using. Sales Funnels can be sold for a lot of money, depending on reputation. If you are known as the “Funnel Guy,” you can probably charge 5-figures for a fully-optimized funnel.

How to Find Clients and Sell Them a Funnel

There are a ton of options for using this software with your clients.

Why You Should Be Using ClickFunnels For Your Clients

ClickFunnels is the easiest way to create a sales funnel online, due to the drag and drop technology. For creating funnels for clients, this can save you a lot of time in the end. Instead of piecing the funnel together with broken software, or WordPress plugins, you should use ClickFunnels. This software is powerful, and so easy to setup. Inside of the Funnel Builder section, there are two types of templates you can use. One is the funnel cookbook, and one is the basic templates. With both of these templates, you should have no issue creating a high quality funnel quickly.

Client ClickFunnels Pricing Guide

So there are two ways I’d recommend using ClickFunnels for Clients

First, is upgrading to the Etison Plan and hosting all of the funnels and email marketing on your dashboard. This is the best way of running your agency or freelance business in my opinion. There is a discounted way of upgrading to this plan, which is called Funnel Hacks. Stick around until the end of this post, or click here to learn more about this deal now. This gives you control of everything when it comes to the funnels. With this method, you can continuously optimize the funnel and email sequence for your clients.

Secondly, another option is to use the Share Funnel feature that ClickFunnels offers. If you’re an affiliate for ClickFunnels, this is a game changer since you can send finished funnels directly to your clients dashboard. This is a great way to build a residual income if you wanted to build funnels for free, and collect on the back end. The best part of this option is the Share Funnel Plan, where the client will only pay $19/m if they are using only funnels shared with them.

There’s a new funnel builder in town…

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