How to Use ClickFunnels for Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever wondered if you can use ClickFunnels for Affiliate Marketing? I was once in your position too, and realized it’s quite simple to start an affiliate marketing business online! Make sure you stay around until the end for a must have bonus, it’ll be worth it.

Affiliate Marketing is becoming a more and more popular business model, primarily due to how easy it is to get started, and the ability to sell proven to work products, and earn a commission! You can make money selling products to people who are already looking for that specific product. Yes, seriously!

Anyways, with all of the hype surrounding ClickFunnels and Affiliate Marketing, let’s see how you can implement ClickFunnels even if you have no product to sell!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling products or services for a company in return for a commission of the sale. Affiliate marketing, or referral marketing, is everywhere. At this point, most major companies offer an incentive for this – whether it’s a discount, paycheck, or something else. There are a lot of different pay structures with this business model!

When it comes to affiliate marketing traffic sources, a lot will work but this is what I really recommend doing to get your first commission.

Instead of wasting time for months creating a product or service that may not work, you can start out by selling an Affiliate offer from a network such as ClickBank, Amazon, or MaxBounty. According to Business Insider, via Investopedia, 15% of all E-Commerce revenue is attributed to Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing has been around for quite some time, but it’s the Internet that really helped out the industry. I’d recommend checking out these 20 Affiliate Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind. This will give you a better understanding of how many people actively do affiliate marketing!

Why use ClickFunnels for Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to have success as an affiliate marketer, you need a sales funnel. Spamming links and directing cold traffic to affiliate offers is not a long term business plan, nor should it be. You might be able to get a sale or two, but it won’t last. ClickFunnels is an industry leader for creating Sales Funnels online. Due to it’s ease of use, and drag-and-drop technology, you don’t need technical skills to use this software.

These top affiliates have really crushed it with ClickFunnels affiliate program!

Anyways, ClickFunnels can help you optimize the process of turning prospects into customers! With the ability to fine tune your copy, landing pages, and timing of emails, you can help influence the buying decision of customers!

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Additionally, in the process of using this software, you can receive an email address in return for a “free offer” such as an e-book, webinar, or checklist. This builds an asset in an email list. Once you have a list built up, you can send out offers as a newsletter to your list. This can help you generate revenue endlessly with simple emails!

As you can see, using ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing has a ton of benefits, and longevity. The key to success as an affiliate is the following: targeted traffic, and an irresistible offer. You’ll learn about those in the next two sections!

How to Get Traffic to Your Sales Funnel

Getting traffic to your sales funnel is quite similar to sending them directly to an affiliate offer. Instead, you’ll want to send them to your landing page, as opposed to the affiliate offer page right away.

I’d recommend using an evergreen traffic source, such as YouTube or Google SEO depending on your niche. Evergreen is traffic that will stay around and generate passive traffic, as opposed to active traffic such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where you need to constantly run ads or create new posts to acquire leads!

Increase Web Traffic for Affiliate Marketing with ClickFunnels
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The reason you should use YouTube or Google SEO is so you can have a “24/7” salesmen selling your product. The internet doesn’t sleep, and neither should your business.

A lot of people have had success using Instagram, Twitter or Facebook as traffic methods and you can too. But, with a platform like Instagram, your content can get lost in the algorithm within an hour of posting. That doesn’t give you the longevity of a blog or YouTube channel. For example, as long as I keep paying for my web hosting and domain, this post will be indexed by Google for years and years to come! If you are looking for a web host, I definitely recommend Bluehost!

Here are the types of content I’d recommend for affiliate marketing with YouTube or Google SEO:

  • How To’s
  • Tutorial’s
  • List/Best Of’s
  • Reviews

Content like this will help people solve their issue, and you can get targeted traffic to your affiliate offers. Although I’ve stressed enough of how important evergreen content and traffic is, there are a ton of other ways to get traffic to your offers. Here are 3 of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners! This guide can help you find a good marketplace for affiliate products.

Providing value for free up front will help you generate more traffic. Instead of selling to somebody, you are helping them out up front and then collecting on the back end!

Here’s a few other ways to get traffic to your landing page:

  • Forums – Add a strong Call to Action in your signature
  • Reddit – You can answer questions, or create content about specific affiliate products
  • Quora – Answer targeted questions and provide a link to your landing page.
  • Guest Blogging – Post high quality articles on other people’s blogs. You can expand your reach with this method.

How to Structure Your Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

Setting up the Sales Funnel

When it comes to structuring your affiliate marketing funnel, there’s only one option I’d really recommend. This is the three-step funnel, which has a bridge page.

A lot of people use two-step funnels where the landing page allows you to use the landing page to collect emails and warm up traffic, but that isn’t recommended.

Here’s an infographic of the funnel I’d recommend. This should give you a better understanding of how everything works!

To learn more about creating a successful sales funnel, check out my article here. This will go deeper into the psychology of the sale, which is important in selling online.

Let’s break down the purpose of each step in the funnel:

  • Squeeze Page: Build Interest and Collect Emails
  • Bridge Page: Warm up Traffic to the Affiliate Offer
  • Affiliate Offer: Initial Sales Page

Setting up Email Marketing

Both require an email sequence to actually work, which is something a lot of people neglect. Here are two resources I’ve created to help you out: Choosing an email autoresponder, and How to Set up your automation sequence.

Going through both of those links will easily explain which autoresponder you should choose, and how to actually set it up.

Your email marketing sequence should be a drip feed, sending an email everyday for 3-7 days. Learning how to effectively do this from scratch is tough, because writing copy is an art.

I’d recommend the Free Funnel Scripts webinar to learn more about writing copy and scripts for email marketing. This is one of the better email marketing courses out there right now, and it’s free.

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