ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

Once ClickFunnels created the Dream Car Contest for their affiliate program, all hell broke loose. Seriously, they are offering cash bonuses on top of their already high recurring commission structure.

What’s your dream car?

  • Tesla?
  • Lamborghini?
  • Corvette?
  • Ferrari?
  • BMW?

No matter the car you want to drive, it’s a possibility you can get there with ClickFunnels Affiliate Program and Dream Car Contest. Yes, seriously…

For me personally, I’d never think about spending a ton of money on car unless I was in a unique situation where it doesn’t affect my finances a lot.

Well, that’s what makes this ClickFunnels Dream Car contest so interesting. If you can refer 100 active members to ClickFunnels, they’ll give you a car of your dreams. If you can refer 200 active members to ClickFunnels, they’ll give you ANOTHER car of your dreams.

This has kept me motivated throughout my affiliate experience with ClickFunnels. My goal is ultimately 200 active members under me, but hitting even 100 is very impressive!

Now, they aren’t going to just buy you any car immediately. For each month you have 100 active members under you, you’ll receive a $500 monthly bonus. If you have 200 active members under you, you’ll receive a $1000 monthly bonus. Seems pretty great, right?

How the Dream Car Contest Works

Once you sign up, and are accepted to the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, you’re automatically setup for the Dream Car Contest. Since this contest has become so popular, you just need to start signing up members and you’ll see the car push closer to that goal of yours.

ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

Let’s go over exactly how you can qualify:

  • Step #1: Recruit 100 Active ClickFunnels Members
  • Step #2: Receive a $500 per month payment towards your lease
  • Step #3: Recruit 200 Actives Members, and you’ll get an additional $500 monthly. Yes, you have the potential to earn an additional $1,000/month…

How to Find People Who Need ClickFunnels

So now you’re all excited to start signing people up, but you are wondering where to start. I was once in your shoes too, but you have to put work in. That’s a necessity to have success.

To recruit members, I’d recommend signing up people who could benefit from the software. Whether it’s through organic search, paid search, groups, forums. Find your niche, test, and see what works! There’s no formula for success, but it is possible.

One big benefit ClickFunnels has, is the “Sticky Cookie.”

Most affiliate programs specify how long the “Cookie” lasts as an affiliate. This means, if the cookie lasts 30 days, and somebody buys on the 31st day, you wouldn’t get paid. ClickFunnels has a sticky cookie, which stays around forever.

ClickFunnels Sticky Cookie Explained

Here’s a few things you can do to use the Sticky Cookie to your advantage:

  • Focus on Cheaper, Introduction Products: Sell a cheap book, even a Free + Shipping offer. Once the purchase is made under you, your locked in for future products. If they buy a $1,000 course in two years, you’ll be getting your piece of the pie still.
  • Sticky Cookie’s Follow Visitors on All Devices: If somebody registers while on a phone, and purchases later in the day on their laptop, you’re covered! Most affiliate programs don’t have anything close to this.

There’s a ton of other benefits in the sticky cookie, it’s truly an affiliate program-altering feature.

Interview with Spencer Mecham – The #1 ClickFunnels Affiliate & Dream Car Winner

Somebody who completely taken over the ClickFunnels Affiliate scene, and Dream Car Challenge is Spencer Mecham, of Buildapreneur. It’s truly inspiring hearing how his life has changed with this contest. Spencer has earned over $1,000,000 in Commissions from ClickFunnels at this point. He’s currently the #1 ClickFunnels Affiliate.

I came across this interview from Dave Woodward, and I was immediately inspired. I decided to attach it here to help you out:

There’s a new funnel builder in town…

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"Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC."
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