Is ClickFunnels a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management tools can be used to help businesses grow. But, does ClickFunnels include a CRM? That’s a common question among new users. CRM’s have been around longer than ClickFunnels, but both used in conjunction can provide huge benefits for your business.

This article will help you with ClickFunnels and CRM to give you a better understanding of how they can be used together. But first, what is a CRM?

What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool used to manage your company’s relationship with customers and potential customers. When a business uses a CRM, there is one simple goal in mind: improve relationships from business to customer.

Customer Relationship Management
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Having a good CRM system in place can do wonders for a business. From connecting with customers to streamlining processes, it’s a tool used to help improve the profitability of your business (when used properly).

With all of that said, it’s a way to stay organized. Without organization, you cannot give your customers as good of an experience as you should. CRM’s are important for most departments, of most businesses.

Does ClickFunnels Include a CRM?

ClickFunnels does include a CRM, which is called Actionetics. It’s built-in to the software, and ready to use right away! With that said, you do have the option to integrate other Customer Relationship Management tools if you wish.

Since ClickFunnels is a marketing automation software, it uses landing pages and sales funnels to collect prospects information and nurture the lead using an autoresponder sequence. The purpose of this is to have personalized emails sent out, with hopes they will convert into a paying customer.

To access the CRM inside of ClickFunnels, it depends on which plan you are using. Since ClickFunnels currently offers two plans (Standard and Etison Suite), you will need to use the Etison Suite Plan to access the CRM system. With the Standard Plan, you will have to use an external autoresponder to send the email sequences. My personal favorite is GetResponse.

If you are going to use the Etison Suite Plan to access Actionetics, there is a healthy discount option if you sign up for Funnel Builder Secrets.

Let’s review the benefits of Actionetics!

Using Actionetics for Customer Relationship Management

Now that we’ve went over how ClickFunnels includes Actionetics, which is their version of CRM, let’s go into how you can use it.

Actionetics is a powerful Customer Relationship Management tool that enables you to communicate with your clients and potential customers.


When you use Actionetics, you don’t have to worry about multiple softwares. ClickFunnels integrates easily with it since the software is built right in!

In conclusion, is ClickFunnels a CRM? Not necessarily, but it does include a Customer Relationship Management tool called Actionetics in the Etison Suite Plan.

Remember, you can receive a massive discount when you sign up through the Funnel Builder Secrets Upgrade.

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