What is ClickFunnels Backpack?

When you are looking to scale your business online, it’s easy to think paid traffic is the best option for you. Instead of paying money to get more traffic, you can set up an affiliate program for your products and have others market them for you in exchange for a percentage of the sale. If you are using ClickFunnels to sell your product, you can use the Backpack Affiliate Program to set up affiliates through the dashboard!

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Setting up an affiliate program gives you endless opportunities to increase your traffic and sales, with no real risk involved. Since you are only paying your affiliates on sales, this is a great option. It’s calculated, consistent, and profitable if done correctly.

Why Setup an Affiliate Program?

As previously stated, setting up an affiliate program for your online business can yield massive benefits. Due to it being a performance-based incentive, you only pay your affiliates when you get paid. This alleviates any of the risk involved with advertising.

Setting up an affiliate program can do the following for your business:

  • It helps you save on your marketing budget because affiliates will be marketing your product for you.
  • It drives a lot of traffic to your website or offer, creating brand awareness.
How Affiliate Marketing Works
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Affiliate Marketers are looking for a reliable way to get paid. If you don’t have a system in place, they will probably just find a different offer to market. They will want to monitor their earnings and progress through a dashboard. You need to build trust with your affiliates if you want them to promote your offer. Backpack enables you to do all of this in one dashboard.

What is Backpack?

Inside of ClickFunnels Etison Suite Plan, you receive access to Backpack and Actionetics in addition to the ClickFunnels software. Backpack is the affiliate marketing management dashboard within ClickFunnels, and Actionetics is the email autoresponder software for ClickFunnels. To receive a discount on the Etison Suite Plan, stick around until the end of this post or click here to jump down the page right now!

Since this platform was created for ClickFunnels, it integrates with ease. You have the ability to create your funnels, setup your affiliate program, integrate the funnel and your affiliate program, and setup email marketing automation. Having all of this in one platform really makes life easier, instead of trying to setup an affiliate program with an external software.

ClickFunnels Backpack Features

Within the Backpack section of ClickFunnels, you’ll find a ton of different tabs to help you keep track of everything for your affiliate program. Let’s go over each section on Backpack to help you understand how everything works!


The dashboard allows you to see all of your general affiliate information. It will show you up-to-date tracking of active affiliates, how much you’ve earned through your affiliate sales, how much is owed in commissions, and how much you’ve already paid to your affiliates. This tracks everything, keeping you and your affiliate program organized and efficient.

Backpack Dashboard
Dashboard Section


Inside of the Affiliates section is where you will find the complete list of your affiliates. In this section, you have the ability to export your contacts, add a new affiliate, edit your affiliates settings, and more.

Additionally, you have the ability to preview any of your affiliates dashboard. This gives you a sense of how they are performing, what they are seeing. Having the ability to do all of this through one centralized dashboard is great!

Backpack Affiliates
Affiliates Section


Within the Commissions section on Backpack you have a clear breakdown of who made the sale, how much you owe the affiliate for the sale, when the affiliate commission payment is due, and what the purchase was. This gives an indication of what your affiliates are promoting, and gives you a simple interface to track the commissions!

Backpack Commissions
Commissions Section


The payments section on Backpack gives you an overview of everything going on in your affiliate program. You can track your commissions due, the future commissions due, and your recent payments! This section helps you not miss a payout to affiliates, which is important to your business and to the affiliates.

Backpack Payments
Payments Section

Commission Plans

Inside of the Commission Plans section is where you can setup how much commission your affiliates earn. There is flexibility within your commission plans, since you can create more than one type of compensation plan. There is a tier-based type of commissions you can setup as well. To learn how to setup multiple tiers using Backpack, check out this official training from ClickFunnels.

Commission Plans
Commission Plans Section

Affiliate Types

The Affiliate Types and Commission Plans sections work together to help you with multiple tiers of commissions. You can rename the tiers to keep better track of what is happening, or if you have different types of affiliate programs, this will come in handy!

Affiliate Types
Affiliate Types Section

Affiliate Funnels

The Affiliate Funnels section on Backpack is pretty useful because this is the section where all of your funnels are located. Once again, this helps to keep everything organized in the event that you have multiple offers going on at once! As shown below, there are no affiliate funnels in my dashboard. No funnels will be preloaded into this section, and you must add them on your own!

Affiliate Funnels
Affiliate Funnels Section


In conclusion, this should give you a better understanding of what Backpack is in ClickFunnels, what the purpose of each section inside of Backpack is, and why you might want to start your own affiliate program!

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Setting up an affiliate marketing program can be a lucrative way to generate more revenue, while controlling a marketing budget. In terms of efficiency and performance, Backpack is one of the easiest ways to start earning more online with your business!

Backpack is not included in the Standard Plan on ClickFunnels, only the Etison Suite Plan. The Etison Suite plan gives you unlimited access to ClickFunnels, their very own email marketing software (Actionetics), and their affiliate program software (Backpack). With this plan, you have an all-in-one system that allows you to stop using external software!

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