How To Setup ClickFunnels and Google Analytics

Adding your Google Analytics Pixel to ClickFunnels is extremely simple, and will help you track everything much better.

If you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics, it’s a service offered by Google to help provide web analytics capabilities to users. It has super advanced tracking features that ClickFunnels built-in analytics won’t offer!

Whether it’s how many people checked out your funnel or sales page, or how long they stayed on the page, this guide will help you track all of that important stuff.

NOTICE: This guide is based on the assumption that you already have an Analytics and ClickFunnels account ready to go.

If you don’t you can sign up for ClickFunnels here and setup Google Analytics here.

Let’s get right into it so we don’t waste any time today!

Getting Your Google Analytics Tracking Code

STEP 1: Open your Google Analytics dashboard.

STEP 2: Select the “Admin” gear icon near the bottom left corner of the screen.

STEP 3: Select “Tracking Info” > “Tracking Code”

STEP 4: Copy the entire code from the Website tracking section (see below)

Google Analytics Website Tracking Code

Integrating Analytics and ClickFunnels

Once you have the code copied, you’ll have to install it into ClickFunnels. We’ll go over that here…

After it’s setup, it could take 24-48 hours to start tracking, so be weary of that!

STEP 1: Open your ClickFunnels dashboard and open up the “Settings” tab of the funnel you’d like to track!

STEP 2: Once you are in the settings tab, you’ll see a section titled “Head Tracking Code” near the bottom left. Simply paste the code we copied from Google Analytics before!

ClickFunnels Head Tracking Code

This simple guide should have helped you setup your Google Analytics tracking with ClickFunnels. That’s all for today!

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