How To Use ClickFunnels And Facebook Ads Together

Facebook is one of the biggest advertising platforms out there! Since it allows you to target your ideal customer better than other networks, it’s a great option when starting out.

The amount of data they have is unmatched, which is amazing when you plan on running ads on their platform.

No matter what market or industry you’re in, you have the ability to target your ideal customers with ease!

Whether you sell a product or service, you won’t have any issues getting through to potential customers.

And if you start using the Facebook Pixel in the beginning, you’ll give Facebook direct insight to what the customers are doing on your page, which only helps you out in the long run!

I’d highly recommend implementing the pixel as soon as possible if you plan on running Facebook Ads at any point in the future.

ClickFunnels makes it simple to run split tests and optimize your funnel, since that’s vital as a marketer!

This will help you get an edge on the competition, and hopefully scale up your ad campaigns as soon as possible.

One person who had extraordinary success using Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels together is Dan Henry, who went from broke pizza boy to millionaire in under 2 years!

Dan has a great understanding of FB Ads and ClickFunnels, so I’d take a look at the article linked above!

Here’s a photo of him teaching his students…

Dan Henry Facebook Ads

There’s a new funnel builder in town…

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